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Why monastic? - There is well-being (healing) in the quietness. "Be still and know I am God." Ps 46:10

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A Note to Gnostics

If the problem here on planet Earth is earth.. matter. And a case of man having fallen from a higher state into a material body - "dust thou art" - which knowledge (gnosis) will deliver us from, the scene around us would seem to suggest otherwise. This Earth is glorious! And so is the living machinery we call our bodies. When God visited Earth in Ezekiel chapter two, he arrived on a living platform with living wheels, and which was borne about on living wings.

The problem is not creation itself. From where do wars come from? Do they come from trees? Perhaps from the ocean.. or the mountains? ...Is it the wind?

Logically, at most, if we are "trapped in a body" that would be a symptom, or an effect, and not a cause.

Why did God bar the way to the tree of life after Adam and Eve had changed? For surely, they did change. In the Genesis chapter two insert account of the creation of Adam and Eve, we are told how Adam was formed of dust, and Eve from his rib, and the two were one. "Be fruitful and multiply.. dress the trees and keep the garden.. the fruit and herbs shall be for food.."

What changed in Adam and Eve? Surely it was something in their thoughts.

Their psyche changed! The serpent had said to them, surely God was lying.. the one forbidden fruit was surely desired to make one wise. It was not unpleasant to the sight.. looked harmless enough. Indeed, if it was knowledge to make one wise.. and to be like God..!

But what was the change? They hid themselves. If there was a substance change, I believe it was in their clothing. From a raiment of light to fig leaves, and then to animal skins (in which God clothed them). They and the world became imperfect, and death now existed.

And what of the serpent? The one Revelation, chapter twelve calls Satan (adversary) and dragon? Was the issue that he fell into a denser substance?

I think the Pandora's box is thinking ability. If one is a rational creature, one can (sooner or later) make choices. What could possibly be God's motive in letting it run its course?