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Why monastic? - There is well-being (healing) in the quietness. "Be still and know I am God." Ps 46:10

Monday, July 11, 2011

A - R i d d l e

Good morning! And happy new week!
The false prophet changed the world.. Big as you please, he changed the civilized world. What are the strongest influences upon mankind today? They, are the Book of Revelation characters. The false prophet turned the known world on its ear. He began as a man and became a wizard, brewing up many a concoction. He is not the big or little beast (of Revelation chapter 13). But he Opens the fire for him, and gives him the 666. (Rev 6:12 and 13:11)

Friday, July 8, 2011


Luke 9:1 says "Jesus called together His twelve apostles and gave them complete power over all demons and diseases.." Which is how it reads in the bible version I'm reading right now. I was wondering if the original Greek word used here was "apostle" or "disciple" (because to me apostle means teacher and disciple means follower and student). It wasn't that easy however! For starting with the Greek concordance, I looked up "apostle" and found it was not used in Luke 9:1, but when I looked up "disciple" I found that wasn't used either(!) What was written originally was "And having called together the twelve he gave them power and authority over all the demons and diseases to heal.." (from the "Interlinear NASB-NIV Parallel New Testament in Greek and English"). I then thought to myself that "the twelve" is likely closer to "apostle" then "disciple". It's important because I presently know three people battling stage four cancers.
- All in all, I decided, I will continue my prayers and encouragement to them, because "apostle" or "disciple" Jesus said many times things like "what ever things you desire, when you pray, believe you have them and you shall have them.." and "where two or more agree in prayer as touching anything upon earth, my Father in heaven will hear them and give it to them.." (Well, these are paraphrased from my memory.. which is faulty at best and getting worse as I get older! But you get my drift I hope..)
- However, and in addition, when I went back to the concordance (Strong's Exhaustive) I found that apostle means "messenger" and "sent out"(one).. (And "disciple" is "learner, instructed one".)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Apocalypse began before Cain slew Abel.. before Adam and Eve disobeyed.. perhaps even before the first bound-to-occur rebel thought occurred (then ripened, in high angel Lucifer). It's possible Apocalypse (collapse) began when God endowed the ability to think - because included in the ability to think, is the ability to choose..

Saturday, July 2, 2011

I Had A Dream

It's a habit of mine to have prayer and bible time outside or looking out a window. In my dream I was looking for a room with a window, saying "I have to find a room with a window", becoming more and more upset until in my dream I was breaking things and sobbing.. I don't usually have such dreams! Although the schedule has changed around here, and Quiet times have gotten much shorter!
- This of course is what I figured the dream was referring to. But some time later, as I was in prayer and bible time I realized it was about the human condition!
- The human condition versus The Art of Waiting upon God in (the) peace and Quietness..