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Why monastic? - There is well-being (healing) in the quietness. "Be still and know I am God." Ps 46:10

Friday, June 29, 2012

Meandering Musings

It's not just this administration - they intend to do good things but it's not just the corporations that are getting too big. Who's going to mind the store and make sure no one misuses the patriot act? Nobody considers history, I'm ready to go back to being a hermit thank you very much! :)) have a good weekend..

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time, in another land far, far away, there lived a man who had become King by promising many wonderful things. As King he proclaimed some very good humanitarian edicts, so the people said "amen" and gave him more and more power until all things of sustenance were run through his fingers.. 666 is an office not a man.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Same Old, Same Old

It's human nature at fault and to blame for the world's problems, it's also human nature to want to blame one group over another.. exactly the same as with the races.. ONE race at fault, the human race. Until we figure that out, individually and collectively, we will keep making the same mistakes over and over and over.. The blame game is the true cause of war.. or what's used foR war... "divide & conquer" "be wise as serpents, harmless" toward all, not just one's own group "as doves".. to believe the blame game is to be used for evil..

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign 1

Acts 2:20

Young's Literal Translation (YLT)
20 "the sun shall be turned to darkness, and the moon to blood, BEFORE the coming of the day of the Lord -- the great and illustrious."

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lesser of Evils

Democrats have the good ideas - to try to see all are well - and to be very good to the environment. But Republicans want expanding productivity and trade, not less. (Heaven forbid there be less mass production and landfills!) And Libertarians (and Republicans) worry it requires resources to be in few hands which is sure to result in power run amok (and afoul). It's not that they like big business and corporations, but as a well known Libertarian answered a popular anchor person recently, it's government which has an army.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Bible Prophecy Almost 2000 Years Ago

On the internet I argue with christians, atheists, republicans and democrats.. all because I don't want my grandchildren to be the generation that experiences Revelation 20:4 (sentence 2) Prophesied nearly 2000 years ago and is in the world today.. [& Mt 24:29-31, key word aFter].

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Is Universal Reconciliation Destined to Stay Little?

Is the idea that God's Great Plan of Salvation (rescue) will be 100% successful, bringing all to faith, destined to stay small? It will if it uses gnosticism to answer questions concerning it! But once you take the "Bible As Literal" the answers shape up..

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Battle World View

Think of me as just another internet lunatic if you want.. but I seriously believe modern man has lost it. In many more ways than one! And, I believe the collective consciousness of today's world is fast becoming the survival of the fittest. This already exists on the internet and in the human psyche.. it's face is that smarmy attitude of "I'm smart and you're stupid.." but in all seriousness? That doesn't answer one single issue.. It's a smoke screen. Why is a smoke screen needed?
- Besides.. might as well keep a blog interesting once in a while..

Friday, June 8, 2012

The Plan Of God Unfolding In These Steps

[ 1 ] the Father/aeons passed (who is Love, Perfection, LiFe) sees all possibilities end from beginning, chooses & all done in mind
[ 2 ] the Son/aeons passed, Firstborn of all creation
[ 3 ] the Reconciliation is "built from the foundation of world" (thinking ability is to be endowed thus ability to choose/a real pandora's box)
[ 4 ] long wait... 1st bound to occur rebel thought occurs
[ 5 ] more wait -> rebel thought ripe - the creation of universe, man & woman (all will take unavoidable journey & lesson together at once)
[ 6 ] adam&eve, the fall & the promise/prophecy of the reconciliation/messiah (gen 3:15)
[ 7 ] noah - prominent brow people gone
[ 8 ] mankind divided at Tower 'Babble' - because too soon man works together "no end to what they can do" - fuzzy memories of eve "mother of us all" and of the flood carried into all lands & languages
[ 9 ] abraham, moses (Israel) - "the prophets" prophecy Messiah" as suffering servant & healer, "light of the gentiles/nations" and.. as arriving crowned victor
[ 10 ] immaculate birth of Jesus, his life, execution in our stead(the trade), resurrection & ascension to right hand of the Father (rev 12:5) = spring holy days were fulfilled; (and note: seals/elements of age A.D. begin march & progression/gallop-rev chapter 6 = from Open to Maturity-a lock sealing the revelation vision for many days)
[ 11 ] Father's gift of Holy Ghost Baptism poured out (pentecost), gospel explodes, spreads & multiplies
[ 12 ] gentiles begin to be told & given gospel -- Holy Ghost Baptism poured out upon gentiles - gentile believers grafted "into" Israel
[ 13 ] "the churches" / church age:
 >>>>>>>>>>>and/meanwhile/later 'Babble' rebuilt as seduction used to sell to all seven hills/continents (see rev 12:15)
 >>>>>>>>>>>& 6th seal 1945 is rev 13:13 done by an office not man
 >>>>>>>>>>>babble/seduction ripe, has cup of side effects
 >>>>>>>>>>>{seal seven w/ its trumps} and "10 toes"/divisions devour 'her' (these are socialism & capitalism, the crash, "she is fallen, fallen!" note rev.17:17(15-18)
 >>>>>>>>>>>the gathering to armegeddon (rev 16:14-15-16) 15=
[ 14 ] return of Messiah (the Son) w/ mighty sound of "trumpet" (last trump)/the 1st resurrection (zech 14:4 & acts 1:9-11)
[ 15 ] millennial reign of Messiah (1000 yrs) - then satan loosed ->lof
[ 16 ] 2nd resurrection (from sleep of death of all those not reconciled/knowing)
[ 17 ] Great Day (age) of the examining of all things, the review & Judgment of all human history (500 yrs)
[ 18 ] those (still) not believing "will go to the lof/the 2nd death where is also the world beast/gov (rev 13:1-10, not 11-18) and the false prophet/teaching" (huGe, world changing) - neither of which is a person
[ 19 ] the "new heavens & new earth" ..."all things new" - New Jerusalem & throne of God comes to Earth "God will Tabernacle with man" (live w/ mankind; "tabernacles" will "be observed year to year") autumn holy days fulfilled, and He who sits on the Throne says "it is done"

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Getting the Last of Wisconsin Politics Outa my Head

We're all pawns of the parties, that's why "the people" of the two parties talking and listening to each other is so totally important. The key to these "united" states is to keep voting out those who would make government too big and powerful, no matter which party is currently doing so. If we can't get along, we can't trim back at those huge ultra rich forces working so hard to coerce our government (of both parties, that is). A big part of where we'll go depends on if we the people will follow our noble nature or our baser nature. If we let ourselves be stirred up into mere confrontation between the parties, in all seriousness, all will be lost, because we'll find ourselves (this republic of states) volleying back and forth between the corporations and the huge interests of the world and neither party will recognize the country which emerges.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Western Politics in a Nutshell

Sometimes the republican crowd seem to be for unfettered, totally unregulated capitalism (and perhaps one or two somewhere in the world, as claimed, are for doing away with society safety nets).. But! Ideally, the people would regulate business by their boycotting power, but look at all the buying and selling of things not really all that good for people nor society. What to do, what to do.. The right at times wants to regulate personal choices, and the left at times wants to be in control of the economy and business. What (some) christians, for instance, and some libertarians understand, is that all humans are fallible, thus no one or no group should be overseers over any of these things and therefor, limitations upon power and reach, guarantee the most for safety. (Surely?) Are their forces in(?) or upon the modern world that seeks to keep the two (left and right) from dialogue?

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Holy Ghost Baptism

Acts 1:1-4

Contemporary English Version (CEV)
Theophilus, I first wrote to you about all that Jesus did and taught from the very first until he was taken up to heaven. But before he was taken up, he gave orders to the apostles who he had chosen with the help of the Holy Spirit.
For forty days after Jesus had suffered and died, he proved in many ways that he had been raised from death. He appeared to his apostles and spoke to them about God’s kingdom. While he was still with them, he said: (basically) "..the Father will give you the gift and baptism of the Holy Ghost/Spirit.." A cornerstone of God's work and kingdom (which is ultimate reality) and a greatest miracle of all!
Acts 1:4,5 and 10:47

A Little Home Town Politics

I can understand that taxpayer$ can't be in on every decision as to what tax dollar$ are spent on.. be it state or national.. But! when it comes to one's own school and district,etc I think taxpayer$ should have alot of rights as to what's spent and for what.. If there's pretty much only one side at the table, the bill's just going to keep going up and up.. Thanks SW!!! :))

Monday, June 4, 2012

All Things Reconciled

It's gotten lodged in my head that as the spring feasts, Passover, Unleavened Bread and Firstfruits, were fulfilled by Jesus at His first advent ("...that we may be unleavened.. for Christ our Passover has been sacrificed" 1 Cor 5:7, and "Christ the Firstfruits" 1 Cor 15:23) ..then surely the Autumn Feasts prophecy, and will be fulfilled by the second advent!?
     Leviticus 23, of course, lists the Feasts of God beginning with Israel's weekly Sabbath. Hebrews 4:3 & 9 says "...enter that rest ..a rest for the people of God" which of course is Jesus, thus even the weekly Holy Day/Sabbath is fulfilled by Jesus (Heb 3:18-4:10).
     I like how Young's Literal Translation puts the whole thing (God saith) in Leviticus 23:2 "these are My appointed seasons".
With the Fall Festivals being of the month (tishri / sept-oct) -
  ..Day 1 - "Trumpets"; Day 10 - the "Day of Atonement"; and Day 15 - the Feast of "Tabernacles", I'm thinking the peaks of what is prophesied as the second advent of Jesus, correlate.. Going something like this:
  ..Year 1 - Christ's return and the first resurrection ..."immediately after the tribulation of those days... with a great sound of a trumpet... will gather His elect from the four winds under heaven.."
  ..Year 1000 - occurs the second resurrection and the "Day of Judgment" [Because of the numbers, 1st, 10th & 15th, and because we know the millennial rule of Christ is prophesied to last 1000 years, I'm thinking the numbers have meaning (correlate) with days being years, and adding two zeroes to each, the 10th and the 15th; day 1 becoming year 1; day 10 becomes year 1000; and day 15,year 1500; making Judgment Day to last 500 years.]
 -The Day of 'Judgment' ends with, or is followed by the notorious words "those not written in the book of life" (those not believing) "will go to the" (cleansing ageduring) "lake of fire".
..But! after all have experienced [#1] being resurrected from the sleep of death (1 thes 4) and [#2] witnessing and living through an 'age' of the review and examination of all things (all human history,etc), who's not going to "believe"? I would think not many. There's really only one verse, I know of, which can possibly be used to suggest one MUST believe before their death, which is when Jesus told the pharisees unless they repent they would "die in their sins" but I think all this means is the first resurrection where immortality "is put on" far surpasses the second resurrection (for a time).
-All this, to my way of seeing it, turns the Day of Judgment to a GreaT Day of Atonement, at-one-ment / Reconciliation, but also being a day of repentance and weeping as became practiced by Israel.
  ..Year 1500 - a new heaven and a new earth.. the new Jerusalem comes down.. "behold the Tabernacle of God is among men and He will dwell among them". God the Father will "Tabernacle" with man upon perfect earth in a perfect universe... An un-breakable perfection because the full knowing of good from evil (life from death) will be deeply etched upon every heart and mind/psyche. Surely God can only be perfect, therefor the 'end' result of all this can only be the best one possible!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

A "Surprise!?"

If it is so widely accepted that Jesus fulfilled the Hebrew Spring Holy Days by His death (Passover), burial (Unleavened Bread), resurrection and ascension (Firstfruits/Single Wheat Sheaf waved) - all which is commonly known as fulfilled by His First Advent, then why not connect the dots concerning the Hebrew Autumn Holy Days as prophecy pertaining to, and being fulfilled by, His long Second Advent? ...the Fall Holy Days, beginning with "Trumpets" [fulfilled by the Revelation trumps 1-7 & Mt 24, verses 48 through 51 - "immediately after the tribulation of those days.. He will send out His angels with the mighty sound of a trumpet.."] and ending with the Feast of "Tabernacles" [fulfilled by Revelation 21,verses 1 through 3 - "..a new heavens and new earth.. and new Jerusalem come down to earth.. the Tabernacle of God is with man and He will dwell with them.." (i.e., God the Father, Himself, will live with man upon perfect earth and in perfect universe)].
 - Why can it not be seen, the Holy Day in the middle of these two, the "Day of Atonement" and what peak of the Second Advent might "Day of Atonement" correlate to? Being between His return (Trumpets) and the Father coming to "Tabernacle" (tent) with mankind?
 - And for anyone who loves a quiz, how might Rev 20:15 (in context 11-15) fit in (more precisely, where, might it fit in)? And what exactly is verse 15th's requirement?