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Thursday, May 28, 2020

An Answer Recieved

The answer I recieved concerning afterlife vs resurrection. “Surely.. you won’t ..die?” reverberates through man’s psyche still.

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Bible Prophecy In Plain English

A duplicate post on each of my blogs.
Presently, I think we are still in the pause of seal 6 (of thermonuclear as warfare – Rev.7:1-2, but the seals are told as to their total effects, including at the ‘end’ which veils the vision I think).
So when that pause is interrupted – though I think at first limitedly – is when things start to escalate.. Today’s world beast/body will ‘step up’ as will the office which carried out 13:13.. same seal 6 first event, which pinpoints an office prominant in last days and who gives breath (authority) to the world beast (that has iron/bronze – roman/greek roots, see Dan.7:7,19 w/ Rev.13:1 & Dan.2:31-45) but will be either infiltrated by or in partnership with the wild beast who does Rev.20:4). This world beast will make or ratify a 7 year agreement/treaty/covenant/league which they will break with Israel in the middle of it by either stopping sacrifices at a 3rd temple or (I believe) by removing or taking away the Western (Wailing) Wall where sacrifices of prayers are offered daily (completing Mt.24:1-2 “see all this?”). And 3.5 years plus 30 days later is when shall be set up the final abomination that desolates(?) This time upon the human temple made for God? Perhaps with behavior modification? And tracking.. Maybe lauded as a step up in ‘evolution’? Or.. who knows? A vaccine you cannot buy or sell without. “But – blessed – are those who wait and come to 45 days later”. With the last “ten days” escalating to will be killed..? (Dan.12:11-12; Rev.2:10)
Another Rev. character is today’s false prophet who has a widely believed false prophecy and many modern miracles and wonders. ‘He’ also has a “strong delusion” which “seats man in the temple of God, convincing himself he is god”/highest power deciding good and evil. A strong (but ridiculous, lol) delusion which has caused cultural “falling away” from the faith. He enabled 13:13 and will give the beast 666.
Rev.12:16 suggests drought, and out of the smoke of it, plus war, shall come widespread marshall law for five months? (Rev.9:3,9) The sun will give less light (through the smoke) and the moon will reflect red. Then will be seen the Son of man coming on the clouds with great glory and He will send His angels to gather His believers from all directions of the Earth. (Mt.24:29-31)
“He comes in fire with His angels” 2Thess.1:7-8, and “gathers His wheat into His barn” just barely after the tares have gathered to armageddon in Gehenna Valley.. with enough chain reaction to make the “Earth shake to and fro?” and “oil to flow high as horse’s bridles..?” (Isaiah 24:20; Mt.13:30; Rev.14; and 16:14,15,16!)

Friday, November 1, 2019

Gentiles Glorifying God On Day Of Visitation

2 Peter 2:12 says - “Keep your conduct honorable among the-Gentiles, that when they speak against you as evildoers, they may, by your good works which they observe, GLORIFY God in the day of visitation.”

VISITATION = https://biblehub.com/interlinear/1_peter/2-12.htm - #1984 - episkopé: a visiting, an overseeing

What is this visiting/overseeing? It’s “gentiles” who this verse says will GLORIFY God during that ‘day’ of “overseeing”.

I think most genuine readers of the scripture would agree “visitation” refers to the advents of the Lord.. (Unless under the spell of an untruth or another?)

There’s this - the FOUR occurrences of this word - episkope’

Luke 19:44 “And they will level you (Jerusalem) to the ground and your children within you, and they will not leave in you one stone upon another, because you did not recognize the time of your visitation."

Acts 1:20 - (speaking of Judas, Peter said) - “For it is written in [the] book of Psalms, Let his place become desolate, and let there be no dweller in it; and, Let another take his overseership-episkope’.”

1 Timothy 3:1 - “This is a trustworthy saying, that if a man desires Eldership (episkope’) he desires a good work.”

And of course our verse - 2 Peter 2:12 - “Keep your conduct honorable among the-Gentiles, that when they speak against you as evildoers, they may, by your good works which they observe, GLORIFY God in the day of visitation/episkope’.”

episkope - “Definition: a visiting, an overseeing
Usage: (a) visitation (of judgment), (b) oversight, supervision, overseership... inspection, investigation.. so universally, ἐν ἐπισκοπή ψυχῶν, when he shall search the souls of men, i. e. in the time of divine judgment..

Aramaic Bible in Plain English
“And let your way of life be beautiful before all children of men, those who speak wicked words of you, that they may see your beautiful works and praise God in the day of examination.” (Beautiful works/love? And services, etc of love?)

If ‘day’ of judgment (the one the Lord referred to) / “the judgment” as the Lord called it, is ONLY a time of weeping, gnashing of teeth and (some) outer darkness.. Why would the gentiles GLORIFY or end up GLORIFYING God on that ‘day’??

If those who do not yet believe, thus receiving their pardon, before their death, at resurrection are simply dumped into a purgatory/lake of fire.. In light of the description of “visitstion, overseership - episkope’.. I think it’s time to expand upon our concept.. Which of course the Spirit always builds upon the truths He teaches..

God is indeed a consuming/purifying fire.. but 2 Thessalonians 1:7-8 says when the Lord returns/appears/second visitation amidst fire, it is “full and complete punishment”.

This leads me to believe that although in the “resurrection of judgment” (see Rev.20) there is surely bound to be on the part of some.. some weeping.. some gnashing of teeth - don’t forget the one unable to be forgiven sin while being in it - namely the blaspheming of God’s Spirit/hating God. And thus some gnashing of teeth and even some outer darkness on the part of some.

Surely some will rise/“come forth out of their graves/tombs” (JOHN 5:28(29) Genesis 3:4 & 19!!) and finding theirselves alive, etc. may not weep or gnash their teeth so much as greet it all as the “good news” it is! I think I know a LOT of folks that would very likely fit this category! Don’t you?

As a matter of fact, the way the “good news for all” has been corrupted / lost some if its glory and picked up some baggage over these 2000 years of being handed down through human hands, human translators and human teachers, I in all genuineness cannot blame anyone at all, for not “believing” thus having their name in the book of life right now!

The Lord said - “All in the tombs” (which are graves) “will hear His voice and will come forth” (from their graves/tombs) “those who have done good in the resurrection of life” (REV.20) “and those who have done evil, in the resurrection of judgment.” (John 5:28-29)

Peter wrote - “..For God knows how to preserve the unrighteous for CORRECTION/kolazo on day” (age?) “of judgment”. (The one Jesus referred to and talked about.)

Sunday, June 3, 2018


I found God in a nontraditional way. I had been researching world religions, meditation and astrology.. That was 39 years ago. After some disillusionment with church interpretations of the message of God, contained in the Bible, I've been studying (the Bible) on my own. And now we have such great study aids and apps these days! Tracing the words in verses back to the original Greek (or Hebrew) is SO revealing. I tell you we have greatly underestimated Him! My son asked me almost 20 years ago - "Why was the tree of knowing good and evil in the garden?" and "Isn't it great we get to be an ant farm?"

You know.. I wasn't satisfied with my answers, so I prayed and the answers knocked my socks off. Clean off, and they're still knocked off. And it's ultimately so simple.

Short story we're no ant farm. 'Hell' is a mistranslation of four words (four words! Five if we count pit - the "dusty pit".) Any punishment is "corrective", especially seeing as he is Father.. "God is the savior of all" 1 Timothy 4:10. Jesus said He will draw all to Him, John 12:32. Philippians 2:11 - "Every tongue will wholeheartedly confess that Jesus is Lord.." (Taking into account the Greek.) And SO many verses which, somehow, go unseen. But alas, I am not the only one who sees them! Peace! God bless! [Note to self, make a list of web sites and blogs. Tentmaker.org is one I think of right away.]

A Daily Reading Schedule - The Gospels blended into two 6 month readings - Letters and the Prophets in the order believed written..

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

All Manner Of Doctrine

It's great to be able to go on the world wide web and discuss all manner of doctrine with many others of the household of God.

But when He comes, will He find us teaching "believe in Jesus" or will He find us beating one another? Will He find faith on the Earth?

The most insidious thread having weaved its way into the fray, is the thought that if one disagrees with another's doctrine, they are not part of the household of the Lord.

When Jesus prayed - let them be one as the Father and He are one. And the scripture says the fruit of the flesh (imperfect carnal character) includes such things as sects, party sentiment, factions.

We all should always remember to rightly divide our zeal for Truth and the spirit of competition, which of course, competition, is of that lower flawed and carnal character. Truth needs no one's defense. Our attitude should be say it and shake the dust..

Whenever we spy an insidious thread slithering its way amongst us we should immediately pierce it in its tracks with the sharp double edged sWord of Truth. (Pierce it with love.)

"Beloved, let us love one another, for love is of God; and everyone who loves is born of God and knows God. He who does not love does not know God, for God is love" - the Apostle John, 1 Jn 4:7,8.

Such words will likely not convince one who does not love, but perhaps such words may prevent one who does love from falling into the same snare.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Peter Said - I’m Going Fishing

I grew up a couple of hours away from the ocean. So I love the verses in the New Testament if they mention the seashore.

We’ve all read the account of Jesus in the morning meeting the apostles on the shore of the Sea of Tiberias.

“Tiberias” I think is another name for Galilee (?)

Yes it is, I looked it up - I have Biblehub’s app, so I have the interlinear study tools on my phone. (Hooray!)

The town of Tiberias is on the west side of the lake, so I’m thinking this means they were on the western shore. It likely was the custom, if you were on the western shore, to call it Sea of Tiberias.

So I was reading this - John chapter 21, where Jesus asks apostle Peter “lovest thou me?” (Ye olde englishe is how I first read it, so it's how I always 'hear' it.)

“Do you love me more - “and it’s usually translated as “more than these others?” or just “more than these”.

But today I was reading it in the Contemporary English Version and it said Jesus was asking “do you love me more than these others do?”

I thought, “what..!? ...No way.. that’s just taking it too far” (out there..) So I just had to read it in the interlinear. Well interlinear says the word used means “this”. Could it possibly be “do you love me more than this?” (Peter had said, “I’m a going fishing!” His livelihood and possibly pastime.. spent much of his life on the sea fishing..)

The language! It’s all Greek to me! I’ve tried trying to figure out the different spellings of the word usages.. Is it noun, verb, adjective..? Does it point forward, backward..? (Is there a sideways?)

So I looked up other translations of that version of the word, and I looked up other translations of the verse, and aha! “The Aramaic Bible in Plain English” translates it as, “do you love me more than these things?” So language wise it may not be an outrageous way of thinking about that verse and scene.

(John 21:15) "Do you love Me more than all this?"

Monday, November 27, 2017

What Miraculous Power

Pilate and Herod "had been enemies", but on the day of Jesus' being accused and tried, "they became friends".

They didn't of course, become Christians or followers of Jesus, but just being in Jesus' presence brought them benefit. Changed something in them, at least long enough to become friends, from being enemies.

! What miraculous power is this?!

When He endowed thinking ability, it's like a Pandora's box was flung open!

Why? Because with thinking ability comes the ability to make choices. And so a whole new world (tree) of possibilities came about.

And letting everything run its course (obviously?) so that all things need to be "subdued". And by that whole process, the chaos exploding, and the subduing of it through Jesus (through whom all things were originally made) all things are restored.

And by end of subsequent ages (two?) everything is locked into place. Making perfect paradise for all. Love will be the ruling force. "God is Love" 1 John 4:8

A 'big bang'. From choas. To locked into (perfect) place.

! What miracle power is this!?

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

In The Quietness

Imagine life with no advertising, no television, internet, YouTube, or even ringing or notifying phones. (Just person to person text, lol.) It's okay to imagine this!

Sit outside in your garden, your living space. And enjoy the inner spirit of quietness. If you wait peacefully, God Himself will send you a hello.

It may be a butterfly drifting by.. or even a bee. A breeze, or a flower you notice.. A chipmunk scampering across the yard, or a squirrel along a tree branch.. And, or, He will speak to your heart in the quietness..

This is now, through Jesus, our Holy of holies, the place where we meet with God our Heavenly Father.

 (We can cultivate all day, the spirit of inner quietness.)

Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Lately I've been thinking how the Father and Son are all the government we need.

"The government is upon His shoulders" (Jesus') "there will be no end to the increase of peace." (Isaiah)

Father and Son - our sun and moon being a tiny shadow of - His Spirit of Life shines forth, into and throughout all things. Shining out from the center, all things revolving around His Throne.

But with rationality comes all manner of choice. (Thankfully limited, lol.) And it's being let to run its course.. afterall, what is learned under a dictatorship? Through faith (knowing and trusting) the redemption (from imperfection and its result, death) we align ourselves with the transforming power of grace. Ultimately (surely?) an all powerful force.

"....the Spirit gives Life." (2 Corinthians 3:6)

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A Line

𐂕 There was a line.. a thought, many (many) years ago, which drifted across a very blue sky.. and hit me in the head. After which, my life was never the same. I was never the same.
     What was this thought? "You've been learning about the forces in the universe" - I'd been reading up on world religions, and then astrology (spiritual) - "and what about the force that created the universe, and what if that force has consciousness?"

     Today while watching the last episode of one of the best shows I've ever watched, I heard this line - which sounded awfully familiar. I'll begin it midstream, where it struck me as familiar, "...about the forces that bind the universe, but what binds humans? Love.."*

     It's the same answer for both questions - "God is Love" - 1 John 4:8. ("Love never fails" - 1 Corinthians 13:8.)

"...until the time comes for the restoration of all things (pas - every, all, the whole)"... Acts 3:21

"..made known to us the mystery of His will.. at the fullness of time, to bring all things in heaven, and on earth, together in Christ." Ephesians 9:10

"...through Jesus, to reconcile to Himself all things, whether things on earth or things in heaven.." Colossians 1:20

And Revelation 21:5,4 - "Behold I will make all things new.. and death will be no more nor mourning nor crying nor pain; they will be no more.." None, anywhere!

God is love. ...Love never, ever, fails.

(*Last episode of "Numbers".)

Monday, April 24, 2017

Beware The Rules

Galatians 5:1 says -
                    "..Christ has made us free! And do not be entangled again by a yoke of servitude".

This does not of course, mean a believer and follower of Jesus is free to live a dissolute life! As Paul wrote "God forbid!" and "those things lead to death, where's the attraction?"

That's why The Way is a "narrow way"! Because there's huge ditches on either side! One is the ditch of license. And the other is the ditch of "rules". Beware the rules!

The first churches were not as we have our churches now. They were brothers and sisters (in love with God and Jesus) getting together. And following the Spirit.

The first enemies - "love your enemies" - were the 'Judaizers'. They wanted Gentiles (non-Hebrew, not under the Law of Moses) believers to become Judean. If we read the Letter to the Galatians, or any other letter actually, but especially Galatians, it's obvious this was not the plan of God. [Also Acts chapter 15, of course.]

And we can see that spirit today. It's always been very active! You must do this, you must not do that. When The Way is a relationship. And the living upon God's Word and Spirit (bread and wine of life). "If you are led of the Spirit, you will not be doing the acts of the lower carnal character." You just won't. You are following and yearning after the Spirit and drinking of the Word of Life. That is The Way of transformation and 'self improvement' - though it is NO act of self.

When we seek to follow rules.. any rules, to be 'right with God', approved of by God.. we have stepped out of His plan. We are saying or trying to believe, that God will owe us acceptance, like wages. (On the Holy Day "you will do NO work!") It is a gift. It is His doing. It is a recognition and affirmation that HE, is the only source of good. (The only source of Life!) And this is "all given to us, freely, through Jesus".
     "That the spirit in our heart cries 'abba, Father!' is the sign and seal and proof that we are His! His pledge that all that He has promised shall be given." And "He is faithful to carry out the good work which He has begun in us". ..."via the same POWER which rose Jesus from the grave."

The other - "any 'other' gospel" - has not that power. It's a dead end. It's a ditch.

It comes in many guises. The second 'enemies' of the gospel (news/good news) were the gnostics. They had a very large whole set of rules! They believed matter, the universe, was why mankind was flawed and the world was as it is. That somehow we (life) had 'fallen into matter' and this is what we needed to be saved from. The body was especially evil, and all its functions. Of course this led to other sects of the belief, which was license, for if all earthly functions were evil, like eating and drinking (and breathing? And don't forget, the bible says "honorable [is] the marriage in all, and the bed undefiled".) So if even walking was 'evil' then what the heck, why not just do anything and everything since it was the body itself that was guilty, lacked character, and hey, this must all be God's fault! And my special insight/knowledge/gnosis is what will set me free!

How crazy is that!? But it's the root and foundation of any "rules" system. And unlike the "freedom in Christ" it's a system of following humans and a human group. We get this from individuals and from organizations. It says 'believe in Jesus and.. ..and I'll tell you the special rule.. come and follow me..' And, or, be a part of my group..

I don't know why it works, but it seems to work very well.

Galatians 5:1 - "..Christ has made us free! ..do not be entangled again by a yoke of bondage".

Any personal conviction I may have.. be it vegetarian, or any rule I may choose to follow, is likely a wonderful thing.. but not mine to impose or even suggest to another. Paul - led of the Spirit to write a large bulk of the New Testament - said, "know only Christ".