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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Okay This Is Weird

I was born on 05/05/55. So people tell me I should play the lottery using fives, especially "55". I never have. But here's a weird thing. I've become convinced that Daniel chapter 12, verse 11, is prophecy that Jerusalem's "Wailing" or "Western Wall" where prayers are offered daily, will be in some way taken away or removed. And is a sign.

I think most Bible prophecy buffs and scholars believe verse eleven refers to a third temple and its sacrifices being terminated. (This of course might make verse eleven an even later date to take note of, than one if the "Wailing Wall" is demolished.)

In Matthew chapter 24, the first two verses, the disciples were praising and saying to Jesus how magnificent the temple and temple complex was.

But Jesus said, "See all these? Not one stone shall remain atop another." I do not believe this has been (fully) fulfilled yet. The "western" section of the "wall" remains standing, after the destruction of the Temple and Jerusalem which occurred in 70 a.d.

Daniel 12, eleven and twelve, read "From the time the daily sacrifice" (or place of daily sacrifices of prayer and praise?) "is removed, and the abomination which makes desolate" (666?) "is set-up, shall be 1,290 days" (three 30 day month years, plus seven months; or, that is, 43 Hebrew thirty day months). "Blessed is the one who waits and comes to 1,335 days" (forty five days later).

I have of course, been praying to know if how I'm reading this is accurate or not accurate. (That the 666 apparatus will be set up 3.5 years, plus one month after Israel's Wailing Wall is removed, taken away or destroyed. And will hum along for 45 days.) I don't want to pass along something which is not true.

The weird thing? To me, anyway? Today I learned that in 1967, the Israeli paratrooper brigade which liberated Jerusalem, finding themselves at the sacred Western Wall, was brigade No. 55.

Note - it's hard for "one" to "wait and come to" 1,335 years, which is how it is most often interpreted. (Just because 3.5 is used elsewhere.)

 Whatever that sign is, of verse 11, I think it's important to take note of.

(I also posted this on my other blog - Bible Prophecy For Today )