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Why monastic? - There is well-being (healing) in the quietness. "Be still and know I am God." Ps 46:10

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

A Letter To Christians

The Christian's number one evidence is, and should be, the working of the Spirit (Presence) of God within us.

But that doesn't mean science vs. faith, not by a long shot!

Some scientists may think their interpretation of the data disproves God. The theory/hypotheses of evolution exists upon these very sorts of conjecture.

The second most held law of science is that of entropy. All matter is in a state of breaking down. This is true also of communication, including the genetic code in all of life. It tends toward falling apart and separating. It does not develop new and better traits. How did any species within any biological category survive while slowly developing/'evolving' it's survival mechanism?

If all life forms evolved from one original, how many missing links are there?

Natural Selection is the separating of traits present. The evolving of new traits has never been observed. "Mutations"/mistakes tend to move sideways like a computer virus, or it simply fizzles out right away.

Do you all know the example of the peppered moth? Which goes like this - scientists saw there were white moths on one island, and brown moths of the same species/type on another island. "Why see how these two evolved differently!" they said.

But then, looking more closely, it became apparent that on the island where the white moth was prevalent, there was white lichen on the trees and the brown moths were picked off by predators. And the opposite was true on the other island, no white lichen on the trees, so it was the white moths which were picked off by predators and the brown moths which survived and multiplied. Until eventually there were very few white moths. This is an example of Natural Selection which theory has been observed and occurs at all times - a separation of traits present in the code.

There is no scientific data that disproves God. In all actuality the debate should move on to what sort of God created.

Evolution's ace in the hole is time, so the way of dating the earth which is used, is the one most able to suggest millions, now, billions of years. Given enough time, anything is possible? (Not so say top mathematicians.)

But there are other ways of dating which suggest a much younger age of the universe, and many things which refute the billions of years age constantly put forth. (More on this later.)

Since when does a Big Bang (aka explosion) continue moving at a constant rate and in sustained order? We may theorize but I don't think we've seen one act like this, except for the very impressive order of the universe and matter.

Scientific terms and physics do not disprove God. Indeed the minutest order suggests design. The whole theory/hypotheses/belief/philosophy is smoke and mirrors, the "strong delusion" and the "great falling away" of Western Civilization (once called Christendom).

If properly understood Bible prophecy is also evidence of God the creator.

A "last days" system called "harlet", the Greek word used being "pornos" bewitches and corrupts the seven continents with her seductive enchantments. She comes to exist side by side with a world entity/governing which first was, then wasn't. But then after the fire of Revelation 13:13 was once again, it's head now signing on. Is it vague? Hard to understand? You betcha! But it's accurate. Revelation 13:13 concerns an office but is thought by most to be a certain individual. This verse points to an office of the individual but not the individual. Verse 13:13 occurred in 1945.

Part of the problem is, these 'last days' things are often so huge and in our face we can't see them!

The false prophet? Surely same very thing as the great delusion (in full swing upon planet Earth). He began as a man, now is a white smocked magician with many miracles and modern wonders. "Knowledge will increase and man will travel to and fro".. "Your land is full of chariots".. But "the lion will" (again) "eat straw like the ox and the bear will graze with the cow". Apocalypse began long ago.. with the first rebel thought.. The original meaning of "apocalypse" is an/the "unveiling". As we've come to understand it today (as Bible students) as a crashing and burning/downfall - iS the unveiling. Apocalypse, personal and collective, is apparent and proves true from untrue, which is also good from evil and life from nonlife/death-translated "hell" for some time, but now receding. "Every knee shall bow, every tongue confess 'Jesus is Lord'." - Isaiah 45:23; Romans 14:11; Philippians 2:9-11.

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