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Why monastic? - There is well-being (healing) in the quietness. "Be still and know I am God." Ps 46:10

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Did you know there are highly invasive weeds whose mission in life is to be the only weed?

It seems most unfortunate, but throughout human history, there have been human beings who seem to have the same code imprinted upon them! And has made itself seen ever since Cain slew Abel. (A good reason to keep government powers in check, we always say.)

As I mentioned earlier, the community of "Inner-Monastery" (me, myself and I) began our annual scouting of he grounds for invaders of the vegetative kind. This always makes us think about certain truisms of life - like keeping the weeds of life in check. Don't let them grow huge.. nor take deep root!

After lengthy discussion, interspersed with a bit of debate, we decided to ascend to the ramparts and see if we could spot signs of encroaching invasion from on high.

I forgot the binoculars of course, being of an age of increasing forgetfulness. It was left up to Me to run back down and get them. After that it took us no time at all to spy a healthy crop nestling in the back corner.

So out we went armed with gloves, long sleeves and various gardening utensils and that old standby, the trusty shovel, ready to wage war against the most invasive culprit. We were later very happy for the long sleeves, having been reminded by Myself, as we were traversing the front hall toward the out of doors, how a few years back we had neglected this simple precaution, and came across a virulent case of wild rose menacing the blackberry bushes, and had to make the long trek back indoors to arm ourselves with long sleeves before risking life and limb to carry out our assault upon these hostile counterfeits. We slew dragons that day!! Yes, it's best to catch these ones early too! Very early!
After this days work we had to reflect upon the possible futility of our efforts, for looking up from our land clearing we noticed in the distance, the farmer who owns a field nearby, had many Garlic Mustard flower blooms blowing in the breeze! If these are allowed to seed, we will have to carry out our assault anew...

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