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Why monastic? - There is well-being (healing) in the quietness. "Be still and know I am God." Ps 46:10

science?or belief?

I was absolutely shocked to discover that so terribly much of the belief of evolution (as the origin of life) is built on assumptions. And not only is there a lack of evidence to support it, but the evidence is
against it! "Natural Selection" is a separating of traits already present in the genetic "code".

Evolutionists were absolutely certain the fossil records would read like an open book, proving evolution as the origins of life. However, the fossil record shows life forms arriving on the scene fully formed (in their present forms); and those extinct, have left in the same form they appeared. It also shows an explosion of life in the "Cambrian Layer" and virtually nothing in the "Pre-Cambrian Layer" (one of many "anomalies". Science is the observation of facts and data, not reading data according to one's belief.) Although Darwin's hypotheses predicted innumerable "transitional life-forms", 140 years later, we have but a handful of disputable examples.

A common example used often to support evolution as the origin of life, is the ability of some bacteria to become resistant to antibiotics. But the truth is, the antibiotic kills off the nonresistant bacteria, and the resistant bacteria multiplies. This is not evolution of life, but separation of traits already existant.

Of puzzlement to evolutionary theory, are the many "living fossils". These are fossils found early in evolutionary research, which were declared fossils of extinct life forms, of 'millions' of years ago. Yet they have since been found living and well, in other parts of the planet. And they haven't evolved.

The few fossils found, which are believed to suggest one life form evolving to a higher or different life form, have been proved inaccurate later. Many times the life form would have had to evolve from four or five different life forms, simultaneously. Similarities in design do not, as first thought, link together showing evolution; but rather, as with engineers and architects, show variations on someone's vision or design pattern.

The Archeopteryx, was thought to be the forerunner of the bird, but was later found to post date the bird, in the geologic sediment.

"Micro-evolution" such as the differing human races, is often thought of as 'evidence' of origins, or "Macro-evolution" which is from one species to another, or "from molecules to man". "Micro-evolution" happens when traits already present are separated, as in, if red-headed persons only married or had offspring with other red-headed persons, eventually, through the generations, they would only give birth to red-heads. These are traits already present, then separated, but is not evolution to a higher or different life form. Differences in skin pigmentation are a result of separation, followed by adaptation to differing climates. This is "micro-evolution". Whereas "macro-evolution" would be evolution as the origin of life, and the idea that one life form eventually evolves into a higher life form, or a more efficient life form.

Where are all the bones of the giraffes with progressing neck lengths? The horse, evolution's best 'example' keeps 'evolving' back and forth as to size and number of 'toes' or hoof divisions.

Many think of the "Peppered Moth" as an example of "evolution going on today", because there are brown moths in one location, but white moths in another. Yet others studying them, have observed that the Peppered Moth simply comes in the variation of colors. Where white lichen has covered the trees they like to frequent, the brown moths are 'picked off' by their preditors, and the white moths multipled. Where the white lichen has not covered the trees they prefer, the White Peppered Moth was 'picked off' by predators and the Brown Peppered Moth multiplied. One did not evolve into another, or even 'evolve' separately, but is an example of "natural selection".

Natural selection (what many think of as evolution) is a process that goes on continuously, and was freely known, recognized and taught by pre-atheistic science. If there is a long term drought, the trees which are able to grow longer roots than before, will survive the drought at a higher percentage than those who don't. They did adapt to the environment, but the only ones that would be able to grow longer roots, would be the ones with the ability to do so encoded into their DNA code (and program).

Genetics was unstudied in Mr. Darwin's day; and he never really did address the "origin of species" issue. But later scientists did. One of the latest theories, on man's (supposed) predecessor, "Lucy", was found with tools, so it was assumed they were 'hers'. But 'modern day' human bones have since been found beneath her (in time)! And she is now believed to be an extinct ape or orangutan.

Java man was a skull top and femur found quite far apart in a gravel deposit, and later dismissed by the scientist who found them, as being totally unrelated. (But these follow ups don't make the headlines, or often even the textbooks.)

Peking man, found in Peking, China, in caves with tools, was later found to have been monkeys, 'victims' of the tools, rather than users.

Nebraska man was constructed around a tooth, later found to have belonged to a pig.

Summer 2001, a popular news magazine cover proclaimed - the true missing link found! A certain toe had been found of an 'ape', which 'proves' these apes walked upright! The 'forerunner' to man finally proved! (And another headline.) What the article failed to explain, is that the toe was found ten miles away from the rest of the ape remains, and some also note, more than 1,000 years away, in the geologic layers!

All peoples relate a flood, which covered the earth for some time. This flood aged all under it. It covered the earth for more than a year, the survivors (Noah and family) finding no dry land for a year. Previous to this there were two pre-history persons, now seen as contemporary, and prone to arthritis (thus they were 'bent over'). Those with a prominent brow, the Neanderthals, descended from Cain, and those without the prominent brow requested by Cain, the Cro-Magnon, now seen as 'modern man'. One survived the flood, and one didn't.

Most evolution scientists now view the geologic layer as having been formed through great cataclysm. (They would never, however, consider the flood!) Many scientists now believe, that the dinosaur was contemporary with man, both Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon. And, actually, the bible describes the dinosaur more than it does any other animal (the "behemoth with a tail which swings like a mighty cedar" of Job (#40:15-17) and the "leviathan" of Psalm 104:26.

Evolution which suggests, and needs, a billions year old earth, uses "carbon dating". Yet the measuring of uranium's rate of becoming lead, is one of a very few ways of dating, which seems to suggest great age. There are at least 68(!) alternate ways of dating, which suggest the age of the earth (and universe) as much lower; some in the lower or mid millions, and many others in the thousands, just as Genesis states. Carbon dating works well for recent dating.

Picture helium, which floats an air balloon so well, for it rises so quickly... as will our voice if we inhale it. Helium is a very uncomplicated chemical. Lacking complexity it leaves matter (minerals) and enters the atmosphere very quickly. For the amount of helium STILL IN minerals, the earth is very young. Also, the oceans have too much salt in them to be billions or even millions of years old. And the rate of erosion at Niagara Falls, suggests a young earth (for a few examples).

The bible proclaimed the earth was round and "hangs on nothing" while most of mankind still believed the earth to be flat and supported upon the back of Atlas, a turtle, or an elephant!

Of what survival benefit is the rainbow colors of the most vibrantly colorful fish, which live in the recesses of the ocean, where blue is the only color which can be seen at that extreme depth?

Evolution of elements (matter), into the universe and life, depends upon millions of years time, and the natural tendency of matter. Science is observation. It studies facts, and what is seen. The 2nd Law Of Thermodynamics, one of the strongest held fundamental Laws Of Science, the "Principle Of Increasing Entropy", states that all matter tends toward disorder - dissolution - and decay. Everything we organize, will tend to disorganize! (And I thought it was me!) As also is true with all communication - the further it travels (or the more people who pass it along) the more it breaks apart and distorts.

If we neglect our car, it rusts. If we neglect our home (or body!) it falls apart.

Either life was created and has purpose. Or it came about through chance and time. But if all matter is moving toward 'falling apart', how can time and the natural properties of matter, result in the universe and life?

All natural (random) mutations are a 'loss of information', not new or better information. And they are within a species; and within a gene, without becoming a different gene, or a progressed gene; but are changes toward less intricacy, not more. Even viruses don't 'evolve' but do a sort of downward, sideways step. They are like a deteriorating computer program, which momentarily finds a different path, as it leaves most of its 'job' undone on its way to fizzling out.

Atheism was (and is) the state religion (theism) and philosophy of commune-ism. Evolution and atheism is an ideology, and is our state mandated religion/faith. We have been so (exclusively) indoctrinated through education and entertainment, that many very intelligent persons believe evolution and fossils are one and the same.

Evolution implies that Life is the intruder, non-life being the norm and reality, and that for 'millions of years' death (fossils come from death) existed before the first man and woman. But the Bible claims life and paradise is the design and purpose (the beginning and the end), with all lifeforms using the herbs of the field and fruit for food, which too, requires claws and 'ripping' teeth - and it is "evil, death and suffering" which are the intruders [the result of imperfection and man being endowed with 'free-will', for LiFe/God can only be perfect. Death (and imPerfection) was defeated by our Lord's death and resurrection.]

Mathematicians do not consider anything as possible that has a likelihood of happening less than one in 10, with fifty zeroes after it. The probability of the first protein molecules (life) coming together by accident is one in 10, with 113 zeroes after it.

It actually, takes a lot of faith (and peer pressure) to believe life and a vast universe so perfectly balanced, it hangs on nothing, came about through a series of highly improbable accidents!

Everything that exists is made up of a combination of the 100+ elements, much like a novel is written by a combination of the 26 letters of the alphabet. If a Shakespearean play formed by chance, then it's possible so did the universe and life.

What is the first law of thermodynamics? It's the principle of constancy and conservation. The amount of matter / energy is constant. Matter can change into energy, energy into matter, and energy into energy, but the quantity remains the same. (It's the 2nd law that decreases the quality.)

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